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Used cars from the USA and Europe

Wanting to buy a quality used car, many people prefer to buy a car from Europe and the USA.

At first glance, it may seem that buying a car abroad and delivering it to your country of residence is easy and simple. In fact, buying a used car in another country and delivering it yourself to your country of residence is a very difficult task.

Without seeing the car directly and not knowing its exact technical condition, it is possible to purchase a car with a “bad history”.

Also, to purchase such a car, the future owner needs to have the full cost of the price of the purchased car, as well as have additional savings for the delivery of the car to his country and bear additional costs associated with customs requirements and rules of both countries.

All this painstaking work will be undertaken by our company, which has vast experience in buying cars in Europe, USA and China.

One of the many activities carried out by our company is the acquisition of popular car models with their subsequent delivery and sale in the country of the buyer.

As a rule, buyers are not only individuals, but also trading and dealer companies who want to purchase dozens of cars.

When buying a car from our company, the buyer has the opportunity to visually see the car, check its technical condition and, if desired, make a technical examination of the car. This will save the buyer from the risks of buying a technically faulty car.

And the most important thing in this type of activity is that our company can offer a potential buyer or dealer the sale of a car or a whole batch of cars with a deferred payment for up to 3 years with a minimum down payment of 10%.

Thus, cooperating with our company, the buyer, having from 10% of the cost of the car price, can start using the car from the date of signing the contract with the representative of the company and become its owner after the payment of the full cost. To do this, the buyer does not need to apply for a loan to a bank in his country or save the full amount of the cost to purchase a car.

Contact us and we will be happy to help turn your dream into reality!

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